Wednesday January 1, 2003!

Hoooooly fudge. Two thousand and three. Where does the time go? And speaking of passing time I have lots of packing still to do. This is like some form of work or something. How come nobody warned me about that?

Three new pictures on the photos page. More to come.

And now I must go and dismantle the bed. But first…

CD Update:

I’m going into the studio to do a mixdown of the CD. Why the heck not? It sounds great but it’ll sound even better. Super professional. Now if only they can turn up the talent/chops knob to 11 on the bass player.

A little tech support: For anyone that I’ve handed a CD to (very few of you) already it was burned on my computer. Some CD players don’t recognize or have a little trouble with burned CDs. Maybe it’s some kind of conspiracy to keep people like me from making full blown music products from the comfort of my own home. Or even someone else’s home. Whatever the case, if your player is choking skipping to track 2 may work and then you can just backtrack to the first song.

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