Thursday January 2, 2003

The second day of January gets no exclamation point. Today’s pop quiz in the form of a multiple choice question:

What assorted objects did I find under the bed frame I disassembled?

a) Copious amounts of dog hair

b) A roll of laundry quarters

c) An empty roll of laundry quarters

d) The Democratic Party’s ‘nads

e) A solid gold 14K guitar pick

f) A village of Smurfs

g) A full set of Supreme Court Justice “Beanie Babies”

h) A dismembered toe from the last time I tried to take the bed apart while wearing no shoes.

i) A post-it that says, “Stop procrastinating and get back to packing.”

j) A magazine article about the dot com industry propelling America’s economy to new heights touting that “even God himself couldn’t stop this techno-economical juggernaut.”

k) A shrink ray gun so I can fit all this crap in my car.

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