Wednesday January 8, 2003

Okay. So I got a repreive … reprieve? Whatever. I’ll be leaving on Sunday, the 12th. That should be enough time to clear this place out and make the rounds.

By the way, parmesan cheese and Chinese food just don’t work together. It seems like shredded parmesan would go with just about anything. But it definitely doesn’t work with Asian cuisine. I guess that’s not a very cheese-intensive culture to begin with. What a shame. Maybe that could be how I could make my millions. World beat foods meets dairy products. On second thought, maybe that isn’t such a good idea.

Anyway, yes I am stalling. I’m renting a UHaul truck tomorrow and Tony is going to come help me take care of this mess. And special thanks to Tim Bulkley who, yesterday, helped turn the tide in this battle. He was the Ents to my Rohanian defenders of Helm’s Deep. He helped me get all the big bulky furniture to the storage place.

Um. The CD. It may be a little while before I get the final, final mix ’cause Scott is very busy in the studio this week. But that’s okay. I should be focusing on moving anyway. And Taylor Eigsti told me that I could probably just put the words “Advanced Copy” on the CD cover and then send it to local stations, which I’ll do after I get the done deal. When I get around to that.

Now what the heck was I supposed to be doing again? Oh yeh. Food. Dog. Finish boxing bedroom sty.

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