X-Country Journal, Chapter 3

Saturday, January 18, 2003

I’m in Texas. I’m too tired to write anything today but there isn’t much to report. I may have some ramblings in the morning. But so far so good. Everything’s going well except for all the junk I’m eating.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Denton, Texas in the morning. Nashville, Tennessee in the night. Last night I arrived from Albuquerque and then went to Natalie’s to play board games with her and some of her friends. Natalie is my online Scrabble nemesis. I’ve played her a bunch of times and just can not beat her. Well I had one and a half victories out of the many games.

My favorite moment was when we were playing Catchphrase and the clue was “it’s made with wine”.

“Tomato juice!!!”

That was a classic moment. Team Screaming Monkeys did not fare well but we got back in the game after a while.

On Sunday morning I went to Kinko’s to use their high speed internet access, make hotel reservations and print out maps and so forth. Sooooo fast. I covet DSL. While there I checked my finances and got a nasty surprise. Like, no money. Yikes!

So I couldn’t afford to stick around for another day. Couldn’t hang out and see Take 6 give a clinic and perform that night. It was cold when I was there. Very cold but not as cold as Nashville. Along the freeway it’s pretty rocky, mountainous terrain. Striated rock formatios with little waterfalls frozen in place.

They have “runs” in the east. Like Bull Run. Runs in the east. Passes in the mountains. Washes in the west.

And I would like to proudly announce that today at 7:50pm Mountain time, while passing through Earle, Arkansas, the big red shopping cart reached 230,000 miles. And still no accumulated snow to drive in so I didn’t get to four wheel it.

Monday, January 20, 2003

Can someone tell me what a “fluffernutter” is?

I made it. Late last night I finished the haul from Nashville to Baltimore. I called when I was still in Virginia, about two hours out, to let someone know I’d be arriving. Everyone thought I was still in New Mexico. It’s good to be home, of course, but different. And I’ve got too much stuff for a full house. My sister and her three sons were here and will be around for another day or two until her house repairs are done.

So yeh. Leika and I and the car made it back in one piece. Of course, both credit cards are maxed out and I’ve got about $25 or less to my name but that’s a bridge to be crossed when I get to it. Which is … immediately.

Oh. And the new and improved version of the CD is on the way. Woo hoo!

But I digress. Once again driving across the country made me realize how tremendously gimongous it is. I mean, good grief. If this were a European country I could have driven from end to end in the time it took me to get from the Bay Area to Pasadena. And with the huge country comes huge cars, apparently. No wonder this is such an oil-thirsty culture. There were so many massive cars and SUVs on the road. Cars about 150% bigger than my Pathfinder driving well over 75mph uphill towing things. Big, manly trucks with things like “4×4 V10” emblazened on the side.

No joke. And keeping in mind that fuel efficiency is inversely proportional to velocity squared. Not to mention RVs.

Oh well. I’m no eco-warrior. I respect nature and resources to a certain degree but we, as a nation, are out of control. Consumers to every degree of the world. But apparently it’s worth going to war over. It’s always much easier to kill people than change one’s own ways.

Americans are like the Dursleys from Harry Potter.

Anyway, that’s enough of my ranting for the day. Since today is the day we celebrate the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday I’m going to include an article here that will save you from another of my rants. Okay, I’ll say this. I think it’s despicable that such a complex and significant human being has been distilled down to a catchphrase with the last years of his life intentionally, as far as I’m concerned, obliterated from our understanding of him. So I followed this link from the “This Modern World” author’s web log (or blog).

Okay. I’m done. Good night.

That’s the end of my trip. I’ll keep you posted if anything interesting happens or when I get some gigs.

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