Wednesday January 29, 2003

The CD shall arrive here tomorrow. I’m tracking it and it’s somewhere between Nashville and Baltimore right now. I will get it out to all those who have requested it so far. So to all of you who are looking forward to it — yes, both of you — very soon.

But as soon as I get a little cash I’m going to have them printed up for real. And then I’ll probably sell them over the web via It’s also a great site for all you musician folk looking for info on how to get your music out to the world. Check out Lisa Dewey’s music while you’re there. Aside from being a great person and a great musician/artist she also sold me my Fender Jazz Chorus 120.

Not much new here to report. Well, I am quickly becoming accustomed to being nocturnal on the east coast. And I’ve managed to tear myself away from the Malaysian tiger trap that is digital cable. Although I do get my daily dose of Columbo. Bravo has episodes that I’ve never seen before. This old man came rolling home.

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