Thursday February 6, 2003

I’ll be making a page specifically devoted to promoting CD stuff soon. Not now. But soon.

I’m listening to the Tavis Smiley show. There’s a gospel artist, Eartha, being interviewed who was nominated for a Grammy despite the fact that according to SoundScan she’s only sold 52 CDs. It’s practically unheard of, which leads me to this quote:

“Whether you think you can or you can’t –you are right.”

-Henry Ford

It’s strange being home and where I grew up. Every time I drive around the area I have flashbacks. It all comes flooding back. But of course times have changed. You know how people and places are. Too selfish to stay still in time while you’re off doing your thing somewhere else.

It’s supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. The Snow Hammer is about to drop. Good. If it’s going to be this cold there should be some snow in it. Despite the fact that it’s downright frigid I still have to keep the window open. In these old, multi-story baseboard heated houses the heat rises, as it tends to do, and so the upper floors get oppressively hot while the lower floors are progressively cooler.

So the ceiling fan is going. That’s new. I like ceiling fans. They have a real southern feel to them. They’re better when they aren’t hanging off of a ceiling 8 feet from the floor, though, as they are here. There will be no jumping on the bed unless it’s as a form of summary execution. And no big, lazy, upright morning stretches either. Because you always hear the Whack Whack Whack before you even feel the pain.

Anyway, I … oh. Here’s something I miss about California. Smoking is outlawed inside restaurants, clubs and bars in California. I went to the Ottobar last night to see Lafayette Gilchrist and the New Volcanoes play. It was like Europe in there.

“But Dad! It’s Smokey!”

Now I am waiting for DSL. I am not a patient person. C’mon DSL!

Thank you and good night.

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