Friday May 2, 2003

Don’t Treadmill on Me

Oh … my … god. There’s a treadmill in the basement. It usually has a waist- to chest-high pile of random junk sitting on it. I lost some of my workout momentum recently and have been meaning to tread the mill for a while. And I just did. Ouch.

My advice to those of you who are trying to get into exercising for the first time in a while: Start out slow(ly). Adverbs are a lost art. Think different and start out slow. And keep the incline flat. Oh. And wear shorts. I figured I would start out taking it easy then gradually increase the incline and then gradually increase the speed over the course of 25 minutes. You know. Work my way up. Then I would get off the treadmill having lost 5 lbs. — all fat of course — and gained 3 months of aerobic fitness. Not bad for a 25 minute aerobic workout.

Started walking at 2 mph. Then after about 5 minutes of warm up I increased the speed to 6 mph. That’s a full-out trot. There are two things wrong with that.

Thing number one: Tripling one’s speed does not meet the definition of gradually increasing.

Thing number two: Plan B was to jog at 6mph for 5 minutes and then ease it back down. Maybe I could vascillate between fast and slow. Well, about a minute into that I realized that battle plans are fluid. The field changes and you have to adapt. You also have to breathe. Without breathing you can’t even fantasize about what you’ll eat afterwards. So I had to settle for another minute.

Well, I got through that with a bit of huffing. Too out of breath for puffing, though. And resumed a walking pace of 3-4 mph. Then at the end of the workout jogged it out at 5 mph for about 2 minutes. I’ll work in the incline later. You can program the envelope of your workout so I’ll have to figure out how to do that.

Now … if only the treadmill were in the living room in front of the digital cable-equipped TV. Oh well. It’s not exactly portable. Oooooooor … what I need is to somehow be online and walking/jogging at the same time. I’d probably get fit with the quickness. Just got to take care of my joints and my lower back and this could actually be an indispensable part of my regimen.

There’s no exercise like running. Even mountain biking doesn’t prepare one for running. Nothing does. Except for running. Years ago when I worked for Apple back in ’97 I played on a co-ed soccer team. Boy, we stunk. We almost never had enough people on our team. We would either pick up guys (usually Hispanic) just out in the area kicking a ball around with their buddies or we would just play. Two or three wo/men down and no substitutes.

The first game I played with them ended when I got a charlie horse. I’ve been very charlie horse prone since college when I was playing soccer a lot. I would like to get over that. But anyway, for the next 5 days I felt the way zombies must feel when they come back to life after being dead for years. Everything hurt. Muscles I didn’t know I had suddenly became very vocal about the situation.

Well, each game got a little better. We still lost, of course. But every game I got a little stronger, little faster, covered more ground. By the end of the season I was all over the field. In retrospect, maybe I should have been playing my position. Sweeper. I’m a sweeper/stopper type. My legs aren’t coordinated enough for much else.

But my point is that during that whole soccer phase my mountain biking stamina and endurance shot through the roof. It was grrrrreat!

Anyway, I just felt like writing. Hello, everyone. I’m in a writing mood and have lots of time on my hands so don’t be surprised if there’s way too much to read here over the next few weeks. Save it for a rainy day and come back then to hang out with me here.

And where the hell is my car?!?! Still in the shop. Grrrrrrr. Rough estimate: $520 to get it MD Auto Safey Inspection-worthy. Should I jump off of a bridge now or should I wait until I can drive to a bridge and jump off?

Jazz Clubs Worldwide

I’m checking out right now. I want some friggin’ gigs. I also want to tour France. And Germany. America is comparatively (I don’t think that’s a real world) lame when it comes to this jazz thing. There’s also a section where you can post your availability and desire for work so that’s what I’m going to do.

Strangely enough, I found this site by looking for the amadorable Michelle Amador’s web page, which I can’t find. Where is it, Michelle?

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