Friday May 9, 2003

Car Bureaucracy Continues

Ok. So now I’m trying to get a notarized signature from AEA Credit Union, who are still the lienholders on the car. Make note car owners who are still paying off the car. Once you pay off the loan and receive the title in the mail you have to take a trip to the DMV to get the lienholder deleted from the title ($15.00).

So I called AEA today and they directed me to their title request dept. Luckily, I’m able to fax them the necessary info and documents and for a $10 processing fee (which they can conveniently withdraw from your account) they’ll do their thing. Relatively quickly, too. But I’m not sure whether to expect a fax or something in the mail.

Oh well. Whatever the case, I’m getting closer.

Unemployment Insurance?

I also called EDD in California to see if I’m still eligible to collect. And I am. I was almost happy about that. BUT … the only work I did in the year 2002 was for De Anza College. I played bass for some of their vocal groups. Earned some chump change. So I made a little from that. So the amount of unemployment comp. I would receive is an amount based on what I earned from De Anza and NOT what I earned from my former software engineer job. So I’d get something like $42 (or was it $38 or was it $28) a week as opposed to the $330 a week I was getting before back in the good old days before my extension ran out. Oy vey.

The things I’ve been learning.

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