Monday May 19, 2003

Two things today. Which one first.


I was sitting around watching TV after dinner and the doorbell rang. First thing I have to do after the doorbell rings is to calm Leika down. She gets very excited about people and starts barking and getting all hyper. Strangely, she knows when it’s someone at the door that she doesn’t know and that gets her even more excited. I don’t know how she knows but she does.

It was someone who came by to drop something off for my stepfather from the church. This someone also happens to be the girl (or one of them) that I had a crush on since about the 5th grade. Man. What year was that? Somewhere around 1982. According to the name on the envelope she has a surname that is not her maiden name.

About 40 seconds after she left I thought to myself that I should have at least struck up a conversation. It was one of those moments that leave you stunned, though. I’m stunned. But to my credit, at least I didn’t drool or stutter. Aaaah, yes. The familiar sting of unrequited angst.

Car Fire

This actually happened yesterday. There was a car parked in front of our house that caught on fire. I was laying in bed at the time listening to the radio over the internet and falling asleep. Heard a sound like a bucket of ice being poured from a second story window. Then another. Then a sound like a bucket full of ice with a hand grenade in it being poured from a second story window. I felt an explosion and almost immediately afterwards heard a fire engine coming to a stop in front of the house. Then my mother called me downstairs and told me to look out the front door. The flames were about 8 feet high from the top of the car. Then I had to close the door because all the smoke started to blow in.

After all the fuss died down and the fire crew left I walked past the car on my way to my grandmother’s. It was a mess. Talk about destruction. It looked like all the burning happened in the passenger compartment and not in the engine area. I got the idea to take a picture. I came back home and grabbed the digital camera and as soon as I opened the door to go out a car pulled up full of people somehow associated with the owner of the car. So I couldn’t do it in good taste. Then the tow truck came to haul the car away and sweep most of the glass off the street. I’m assuming that the heat and subsequent mini-explosions shattered the windows since the glass was scattered outward from the car.

But I did get one picture from the doorway of our house that turned out halfway decently. The only picture that didn’t have the screen door in focus but not the car. And you can’t see all the carnage inside the car. It was pretty gnarly. That’s the tow truck operator and a police officer you see at the bottom.

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