Wednesday May 21, 2003


This was a little odd. And what I was trying to remember the other day to write here. Early last week I got an email from a fellow bassist, Matt in Saratoga, CA. He was telling me about Edgar Meyer (who some say is the greatest bassist in the world) and a CD Meyer did with the violinist, Josh Bell, and two other guys. It’s a mixture of bluegrass and classical. I had never heard of these guys before but they’re amazing. And browsing sites about them I noticed that there’s a lot of Josh Bell stuff out there. A day or two later I was talking to someone about computer music/notation software. And I misspelled Sibelius and subsequently learned that the software package is named after the eponymous composer. Learn something new every day.

Then on Friday night or very early Saturday morning I was listening to Paul Denning’s radio program on WCBN (I think) at the University of Michigan and trying to stay awake. It was about 3am at the time. He, purely coincidentally, played an entire movement of a Sibelius composition played by Josh Bell.

Funny how that works sometimes.

Man my hip hurts! I think I’m going to have to be put down like a lame horse. 31 going on 78, apparently. I had to borrow one of my grandmother’s canes. Seriously. Anyone have any advice on how to deal with running injuries? Inflamed fascia of the hip? And aren’t these things supposed to hurt less as time progresses? Y’know, this figures. It figures that this would happen just as the Ass-Kicking Contest Semi-Finals are coming up.

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