Wednesday July 16, 2003

You know how you know that you’ve watched too much TV in your life time?

When you’re about to workout with an exercise video and think to yourself, “Hmmmm. What can I watch on TV while I do this?”

Culture of Rape

Oh my God. Look at this.

U.S. urged to do more for Iraq rape victims
Human Rights Watch says sex crime laws are unfair

Associated Press
Originally published July 16, 2003

Human Rights Watch noted that rape and abduction were serious crimes in Iraq. But it said the penal code under Hussein allowed a man to escape punishment for abduction by marrying the victim and set light or reduced sentences for so-called honor killings – the murder of women accused by relatives of besmirching family honor by being raped.

“There is a long-standing cultural stigma and shame attached to rape that positions victims as the wrongdoer and too frequently excuses or treats leniently the perpetrator,” the report said.

What the hell. ‘Nuff said.

Full Throttle

Oooooh my goodness. I saw Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle the other day. Tony suggested that I go just to see how bad it was so I went … during matinee. Man oh man. I know it’s a “fun” movie and that it’s kind of a girl power thing but what … who … why …. ok. Let’s see if I can recap the plot for you.

Three overly-skinny women — except Drew Barrymore isn’t that skinny but it’s her movie — giggle and wag their booties at the camera, the director called McG parodies TV shows and movies, slow motion and Wire Fu special effects occur. Men with 0% body fat wander across the screen while the girls ogle and apparently the same teenage boys who write the dialog for James Bond movies and Beavis and Butthead were involved in the screenplay somehow. Oh. And Bernie Mac shucks and jives.

Interestingly enough, girl power and the new Hollywood brand of feminism still provide and promote eye candy and hormonal fuel for horny guys everywhere. Isn’t that convenient. To quote columnist Ellen Goodman:

Mothers, grab your daughters
Anything can be sold with a progressive hue

Ellen Goodman
Washington Post Writers Group

Pretty soon we’ll need a labeling law. It’s harder to tell the difference between third-wave feminism, lipstick feminist, post-feminism and pre-feminism. Or retro-female-ism.

Even the folks marketing itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny Speedo bikinis to teens now declare that wearing bikinis is an issue of empowerment. And if that weren’t enough, there’s a television ad for underwear with a (role) model who calls herself Susan B. Anthony.

Drew Barrymore throws Charlie’s Angels into the same third wave. She wanted the angels to be their feminine selves, she says, and also do what men do in action films. All the while being directed by an invisible male boss.

You can sell anything with a progressive hue — which is both the success and failure of feminism. It’s a new Hollywood message that women can be dolled up and successful. Or the old message that you’re only successful if you’re a doll.

It was like watching middle school porn. Luckily, you can purchase tickets from a machine in that movie theater so I avoided the sheer embarrassment of uttering these words: “One for Full Throttle, please.”

But somehow I just know it’s going on my permanent record.

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