Ladies’ Night

Okay. I saw something in the news that I just had to mention. It’s so sad that it’s almost funny.  Octavia Butler herself couldn’t have come up with something so absurd and unraveling-of-society-ish.

2 women shot by UM police during fight at hospital By A Sun Staff Writer
Originally published September 8, 2003

A university police officer shot and wounded two women who were fighting early yesterday inside the emergency room of University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore campus police reported.  The gunfire ended a dispute that apparently began at the Paradox nightclub in the 1300 block of Russell St., police said.  

About 3:30 a.m., a woman involved in a scuffle there arrived at the emergency room seeking treatment for a stomach injury.  The patient, whose name was not released, was in the waiting room when four women barged in and attacked her, resuming their earlier fight, said Col. Cleveland Barnes of the campus police.

Officer Michelle McLean, who was stationed in the emergency room, tried to break up the fight but one of the four attackers grabbed her baton and started swinging it at the woman awaiting treatment and the officer, Barnes said.

When the woman continued swinging the baton, the officer drew her gun and shot her, Barnes said. The bullet passed through the woman’s left breast and grazed the arm of the woman who was awaiting treatment. Neither injury was life-threatening, Barnes said.

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