Stranger Than Fiction

I saw some wild stuff today on the news.  They had a segment about a law in Utah that makes it legal for teachers to carry guns in school.  There are two things about that idea that strikes me as a little odd. 

1.  Is Utah known for its violent schools?

2.  Teachers with %$@! guns in school?!

What a wacky world.  From Join Together Online:

Utah Group Works to Keep Guns Out of Schools
The group Safe Havens for Learning plans to aggressively lobby the Utah state legislature for a clarification of a state law that pertains to concealed weapons, the Salt Lake Tribune reported Sept. 3.

In the winter of 2002, state lawmakers passed a measure that allows legal gun permit holders to carry concealed weapons on school grounds. However, a recent court ruling upheld a weapons ban at the University of Utah.

Gun-control advocates said the ruling should also apply to K-12 schools. “If a state judge says the university is free to pursue its no-gun policy, public schools ought to as well,” said Marla Kennedy, executive director of Utahns Against Gun Violence.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Waddoups (R-Taylorsville), who sponsored the concealed-weapons bill, plans to introduce legislation that would override the gun ban on college campuses. He also wants to appeal the court ruling in the University of Utah’s case.

“If schools promise to make their buildings more secure, I’ll help them get legislation banning concealed weapons through. But that’s not their priority,” said Waddoups.

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