Black Samurai

It’s a shame that the 70’s were such a tacky (I mean, look at that poster.  Hot pink, orange and yellow?!), uninhibited, drug-addled era.  “Black Samurai”, made in 1977, is on the Action movie channel right now.  Jim Kelly was a talented martial artist, if not a good actor, but the movies from this era tend to suck.  Low budget, low grade, low in character.  The leading lady, who is one of the antagonists prostitutes, is named “Synne”.  Well, leading lady isn’t the proper term.  They tend to be in movies like this to look good, be hostages, sexual bait or to indicate how inexplicably appealing the male protagonist is by orgasming on sight of him.

“I like to think of you as my white knight come to my rescue.”

“Never the white knight, baby.”

But if you’ve seen “Undercover Brother” with Eddie Griffin, “Black Samurai” is basically the source of all that UB is spoofing.  I didn’t know that until I just started watching this a few minutes ago.

Man, there are a lot of midgets in this movie.  That’s strange.

A little Jim Kelly trivia from 

International Middle Weight Karate Champion (1971)

Was first interested in karate after leaving the University of Louisville as a freshman and moving to Lexington; began studying martial arts under karate instructor Parker Sheldon

Became a professional player in 1975, rising to No. 2 in California in the senior men’s doubles rankings and reaching the state’s top ten in senior men’s singles.

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