Two Way Street Pt. 1

Okay.  I’ve got one for you.  As usual I’ve been listening to talk shows and I came up with something.   They regularly have people from ex-gay ministrires and…

Good lawd.  They’re playing Christina Aguilera on the AOL radio Neo-Soul station.  What has the world come to?  Wow.  Hmmmm, that’s not bad.

Uh … what was I saying.  Oh.  For those of you who don’t know there are a few organizations whose purpose it is to help people out of homosexual lifestyles.  As far as I know they’re all Christian-affiliated.  As their main spokesmen they have men who used to be very gay and are now straight and married with kids.  That kind of thing.  In their program and literature they promote understanding of the characteristics and social/familial context that are present in the backgrounds of gay people.

Not suprisingly, even the mention of “converting” people from gay to straight infuriates gay activists, partially because many people believe that homosexuality is genetic —  more nature than nurture.  In other words, if you’re gay … well, you’re gay and there’s no denying or escaping your true nature.  And if you accept, embrace and take pride in who you are you’ll be free of the stresses of a closeted life.  That argument makes sense if you equate sexual orientation with race.

Obviously, the ex-gay ministries do not.  They’re trying to fend off the notion that sexuality is the same as race.  Sexual preference is not a congenital trait — it’s not genetic.  Sexual preference is also NOT a choice, per se.

I’ll have to put the rest of this in another entry because there’s a 2,500 character limit for each entry.

End of side 1.  Please turn cassette over and press play.


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