Thought #2

Man.  I am seriously procrastinating here.

Okay. The third and final thought comes again from the sexual preference debate.

I’ve heard people say that sexual preference is not the same as race, which it’s not.  You’re born black and you can’t change that.  It’s a congenital trait.  But being gay is simply sexual behavior and therefore it should be an insult to black people that the gay movement appropriates the causes of minorities and takes up the Civil Rights Movement accouterments.

But I see a hole in that logic.  These social movements were not solely based on skin color — I’ve heard it said plenty of times that race is a social construct — it’s based on culture and historically cultural experiences.  For all intents and purposes (and avoiding taking any cheap potshots) a black person can’t change their skin color.  But being black isn’t a matter of skin color.  It’s an ethnicity with its own culture and even its own language, an English colloquial dialect.  But there are plenty of black people who are distanced by circumstance or who choose to distance themselves from aspects of black culture.

I heard some black radio show hosts call Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice oreos earlier this week.  Saying that they’re only black on the surface.  I’m not one who believes they’ve abandoned their blackness just because they’re not stricly-democrat-fried-chicken-eating-down-for-whatever homies, but from what the public can see there are no traces of black culture in their working lives.

My point is that regardless of the arguments to strip the gay community of a larger social identity it’s obviously a culture and dang near an ethnicity in a way.  Maybe an “artificial” or spontaneous ethnicity, but still….  And they’re having a similar experience, if only analagously, as minorities who struggle for acceptance, respect and opportunity.  For one thing, it’s the resistance that codifies their efforts.

In other words, that argument is moot for opposing gay rights legislation.

Just a thought.  Guess it’s time to stop procrastinating and take care of business.  Or bidness, as the case may be.

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