Thought #3 Pt. 2

As far as I can tell, the current President Bush was socially promoted over his entire career.  Whether being shuttled through Yale, being AWOL during the Vietnam War without repercussion, running an oil company, owning a baseball team and now being the president.  And keep in mind the majority of this happened during his years of cocaine addiction and alcoholism. 

“Oh, Georgie!  You’ve been arrested for DUI again?!  Maybe running a multimillion dollar company will straighten you out.  Now go make something of yourself.  And now your cocaine habit is getting out of hand?  How about owning a Major League team?  There you go. Now go play nice.  Boys will be boys.”

On the other hand:  When it comes to a black quarterback or Chief Moose, whom a lot of people despise for various reasons.  “They’re black and in a position of power or leadership and still maintain a vestige of African American culture about them?  Obviously it was handed to them based on their race and not their ability or potential.  What is this country coming to to stoop to this level?  Damn political correctness and liberal activist judges!  Why, it’s unconstitutional, is what it is, to give one group of people special consideration.”

(I’ve heard callers on Michael Savage’s mind-numbing radio show basically called Chief Moose a monkey — the listeners/callers ignorance, vitriol and racism is always a notch or two more intense than the host.  Yeh, that’s an extreme but I also saw a news anchor on the network Fox channel here in Baltimore have a segment that was purely devoted to trashing Chief Moose’s book, which was just about to be released at the time.  And it’s the only segment about a book or whatever that I have ever seen on that station’s news broadcast.

Interestingly enough, that news anchor and his guest said the same thing that Rush said about Donovan McNabb, the quarterback.  They said at one point that the Sniper case broke despite Chief Moose and not because of him.  They also said he was incompetent and labeled his book as shallow and pointless even though neither one of them had yet read it.  I was shocked to see that kind of character smearing on a “mainstream” TV station.  It was crazy.  Seemed out of place.)

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