Hospital Apologizes… Pt. 2

When you hear these kinds of things it sometimes sounds almost reasonable on the surface, especially when it’s in a book.  Somehow books make things seem plausible.  You could write a book on how, I don’t know, eating babies will save the world and allow us to enter an unprecedented utopian age.  And with enough pages, footnotes and cameo forwards it seems like something that you should at least read before closing your mind to it.

But somehow the idea that there is no racism and prejudice in the US didn’t gibe with all the times I’ve been called nigger, the time I was threatened (“F—ing nigger.  If I ever see you in this neighborhood again I’ll kill you.”), being racially slurred walking through the halls of the nearly all-white middle school I transferred to, not allowed in certain people’s houses, a white family whose black dog was called “Nigger”, unable to be seen with a friend in public because he became a skinhead, being told that black people aren’t good at tennis because they aren’t smart enough and so on.

And that’s just my little trite experiences.  That doesn’t include the racist literature being posted on people’s windshields and at high schools in this area or the intense harrassment of black families who move to certain traditionally white neighborhoods like Hampton or more recently in Anne Arundel County.

So I can’t give much credence to think tank conservatives like D’Souza who declare my experiences as invalid.  What I really don’t understand is how people can acknowledge the travesties of justice and humanity that were commonplace in the US — I’m talking about segregation, Jim Crow laws and the pervading environment — but for some reason believe that racial issues ended in 1969.  Like, all of of a sudden every racist everywhere had a cathartic experience and revamped their life-long, ingrained sensibilities at some kind of mass Promise Keepers rally.  And of course they made sure to teach their children that we’re all equal and no person is inferior to another so that they wouldn’t be inculcated with the racist notions of the past.

End of side 2

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