Gainful Employment

For those of you keeping track, I was offered a job on Tuesday night.  And I accepted it, of course.  I start next Thursday.  The company is Democracy Data and Communications.  They’re based in Alexandria, VA which is just across the river from Washington, DC.  The commute will be a long one — between 1.25 and 2 hours would be my estimate.  I’ll worry about moving later.

Here’s the “elevator ride” description:

DDC provides leading technology, communications, and support services for the public affairs operations of corporations, trade associations, and interest groups.

By combining Internet solutions with telephone and direct mail recruitment, we enable our clients to conduct exceptional grassroots and PAC programs both online and off-line.”

I guess that means my extended vacation is winding down.  Goodbye unstructured time and free-wheeling unfettered lifestyle.  Hello steady income.  It will be nice to have income > outgo.  Oooooooh moneymoneymoneymoneymoney.  Sweet, beautiful, delicious money.

I think I’m going to eat my first paycheck.  I’ll make a sandwich using my credit card statements as bread.

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