The V-Word

There are some really good talk shows on WEAA.  Anthony McCarthy’s show in the morning is excellent.  It’s as good as the Tavis Smiley show and that’s saying something.  And Wiley Hall’s show on Monday and Friday nights is good, too.  Honest, intelligent, rational discussion of issues.  Too many black talk shows are “Angry Black Man” forums but those two (and probably many more I don’t know about) are great.  I also appreciate the fact that they don’t let callers call in.  I usually don’t enjoy that part of talk shows.

Wiley and R.B. talked about, among other things, the war in Iraq.  They mentioned the “V” word.  Vietnam.  The Iraq situation seems analagous.  It’s a shame.  The Bush Administration is one of the most secretive, obstructionist administrations in recent history.  In my opinion, it was pure arrogance and hubris that led them to believe that we could go over there, kill a bunch of people, remove Sadam and be loved as liberating heroes.  It also seems a bit mindnumbing that President Bush presents the situation as Us and the “Enemies of Freedom”. 

But okay.  Fine.  The decision was made and we waged war on Iraq.  But when the Administration asked for help they insisted on keeping tight control of the reins and lining the pockets of them big ol’ American corporations.  Big ol’ corporations that didn’t have to bid for their lucrative contracts.

And then the $87 billion.  Oh boy.  And so many people dying every day.  It’s crazy.

Anyway … what can you do, huh.  I think I’m going to escape the world by watching cartoons.  Spongebob Squarepants, anyone?

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