One More Thing… Pt. 1

I don’t watch a lot of TV.  I watch cartoons and that’s about it.  I watch the news, too.  Watered down information source, that it is.  But I don’t watch a lot of commercial TV and I don’t listen to much commercial radio.  And after getting a glimpse of what American media has to offer, I re-realize why.

It sucks!  Commerical TV and radio suck ass.  Oop.  Can I say that on the air?

I say they should just shove the pretense out of the way and go straight for porn because that’s what TV is all about.  Quoth Joni Mitchell, “And sex sells everything.”

The worst part is that TV is largely about the sexualization of children and exploiting pubescence.  I was waiting for the news to come on tonight and saw the end of O.C.  Two teenagers making out and then having sex.  Then the news promo came on:

“Two teenage girls kissing in a public school get a tongue lashing from the principal.  Larry Flynt is in town for the opening of his new club on The Block and has decided to not sell the topless photos of Jessica Lynch.  And later, find out who’s really watching O.C.  On Fox 45 Daybreak news, a Baltimore Beauty makes it to Playboy.  She’ll be with us tomorrow.”

I’m not joking either.  Dead serious.  Five minutes of infotainment that Paul Reubens could enjoy in the privacy of his own home.  Television has turned into a parody of itself.  It’s become even worse than the dead-on satire in Robo Cop.  I’d buy that for a dollar!

It’s about exploitation and violation.  Virtual porn.  I think that even the people who like  it — people that watch reality shows and the lecherous day time talk shows and all these stank sit-coms — realize that they’re watching something awful.  But it does really draw you in.  Macabre grotesquerie is addictive, I guess.

End of side 1.

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