It’s that time of the year…

Holy Moses!

We’re half way through December.  LOTR: The Return of the King is out.  Saddam Hussein has been caught.  Strom Thumond’s black daughter is getting public recognition.  Maryland is 1.5″ away from having the most precipitation ever in the history of its recorded precipitation.  Christmas and subsequently New Year’s 2004 are right around the corner.  And I just ate two Walker’s pure butter shortbread cookie wafers.  Oh, the buttery goodness.

I can feel the power of sugar and butter (not necessarily in that order) coursing through my veins.

There’s not too much going on here that’s new.  I’m just working and commuting and still trying to live somehow in between.  “Live” = eating, sleeping, exercising, writing, musicking and whatever else.  The flu is going around like crazy but my immune system is holding its own.  Buttressing the outer perimeter walls of Fort McGary against the hordes of parasitic viral miscreants.  I faht in their general direction.

Anyway, of all the things I could write about I can’t think of a single one.  So I’ll stop and get some rest.  The ends of the work weeks are pretty dang tiring.  Now it’s time to recoup.  Is that a word?

Have a good holiday approach.  Try not to get caught up in the madness.


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  1. linkfelix2

    Yeah holiday madness like that time when you and I were down on the Embarcadero and got separated from each other even when we were holding hands. That was MAD INSANE CRAZY mobness. We miss you in Cali.


  2. mcstrings

    I looooove comments. The beaches were cool but the Embarcadero was CRAZY on New Year’s Eve. Too crazy for me. Of course, the food at the Stinking Rose was great. I shouldn’t have gotten that man-slaying 32 oz. steak, though. Ouch. “Scares women and children.” Never again. That reminds me, I’ll never again eat another Denver Omelet burger again either.

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