Happy New Year!

2004.  Wooow.  Can you believe it?  Time is flying.

New Year’s passed quietly in the Brooks/Young/Williams household.  That is, except for the sound of fireworks from the Inner Harbor and the celebratory gunshots from the ‘hood.

2003 was some year, huh?  In Baltimore we had a blizzard, a tropical storm, 271 homicides, the Baltimore Ravens on their way to the playoffs.  The war on Iraq, the continuing fight in Afghanistan. 

And personally, I moved from California to Maryland, my hyper-extended unemployment came to an end.  I went from no structured time and the lowest of lows to a healthy balance of exercise,mountain biking, running milestones, losing weight, writing and music, etc.  And now I’m a workaholic, trying to regain some of that balance, which must be the bane of many UI and other designers.

Who knows what’s coming down the pike in 2004.  Besides the presidential election, I mean.  That should be interesting in a politics as usual kind of way.

I’m going to start off the new year by eating something.  Maybe a handful of New Year’s Cashews.

Au revoir!

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