Irate Bovine Malady, Pt. 2

Many European countries don’t import American meat because of the widespread use of anti-biotics and hormones.  It bulks them up, accelerates their growth and since the animals are kept in such unsanitary and unhealthy conditions — wallowing around in their own filth and over-crowded — the cattle farmers compensate for the awful conditions with the wonders of modern chemistry and pharmaceuticals.   I’ve heard that it’s the use of hormones in chicken farming, for instance, that has possibly led to the early pubescence of young girls.  There are girls having their first periods as early as 9 or 10 now.

But aside from that, I say that the beef isn’t safe because of the continued allowed practices.  Your meat is still allowed to have a certain amount of fecal matter and other contaminants.  Of course, in the true fashion of post-modern thinking, the solution is to try to get the public to let the companies or government bombard the food with radiation.  Anyway back to Mad Cow and prions, it’s an accepted fact that feeding cattle (ground up and turned into a kind of meat powder) to cattle is the cause of Mad Cow disease.  That practice was banned in the US about two years ago.  And now, downed, wounded and unhealthy cattle can no longer be slaughter for human consumption BUT here’s the rub.  They can still use it to feed to other animals.

A wounded cow (or road kill or euthanized animals) is slaughtered and turned into feed, it’s fed to chickens, the chickens eat the cow, the chickens poop, the chicken poop is scooped up and placed where?  Back into the cow feed.

Ew.  Turning herbivores into carnivores, and cannibalistic carnivores at that, is not right.  Not right at all.  I think that when something is that wrong it’s bound to cause chaos and have ill effects over the long term.  Like partially hydrogenated oils, for instance.  But that’s another story.

I am not a vegetarian but I do try to go for organic or otherwise higher quality food when I can.  It’s hard but the eco-cidal industrialization of food and agriculture won’t change unless the public becomes aware and makes more informed decisions.

Enjoy your food but don’t believe the hype.

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