We’ve been smurkledorfed!

Happy birthday to Dr. King.

Carol Moseley-Braun has dropped out of the race for the Democratic presidential nominee.  She hung in there.  And Reverend Al is still around and doing his thing.  Moseley-Braun said it was because she ran out of funding and then endorsed Howard Dean.  I’m glad she entered the race and got as far as she did but since politics are politics she’ll never be able to say what I think we all know.

She can’t say that she didn’t have a chance because she’s not a man on top of the fact that she’s black.  And you can’t really say that in the public media because it follows that if America isn’t ready for a female or minority president then America remains sexist and racist at its core. Democrat, republican … it doesn’t matter.  We’re still decades away from being ready for that.  Not coincidentally, that will also be the amount of time it takes for the passing of the old guard.  A few generations down the line.  We really are too hung up now.  And if you look at pictures or footage of Congress and such you’ll see where we are now.

Man, the country’s sensibilities are practically split down the middle.  That’s a shame to me because a lot of people are aligning themselves based on some issues and screwing themselves in others.  Jesse Jackson was on Democracy Now the other day and he hit the nail on the head.  He said that white southerners were voting their racial fears and not their economic interests.  The Republican Party banks on that every election and it pays off.

And black people practically aren’t voting at all.  Sorry, Dr. King.  Hmmm, now that I’ve said that I’ll have to register and get out to rock the vote come November 2004.

Anyway, I don’t think that the Dems will beat Bush.  There are a LOT of people who are towing the party line.  And there are a lot people to whom patriotism and xenophobia are inseparable.

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