MRxL pt. 3

It would be interesting to hear a voice like Ani DiFranco or Joni Mitchell singing about how liberals are whiny children and that they should be prosecuted for sedition.  When is Ann Coulter going to get her record deal so she can croon liltingly:

 “The earth is ours to use
 Take her, rape her
 God told us so”
 Can’t you just hear that over some sweet, open acoustic guitar chords?
 Maybe Al Franken could dress up in modern cowboy fashion, grab himself a banjo, sit in the back of a pickup truck surrounded by short-short wearing southern belles and belt out:
 “Lies and lies
 And lying liars
 Big fat idiots
 Drug-addicted hypocrites”
 Yee ha!  Play that washboard!
 Ha haa. That’s kind of funny.  I’d love to see that.
 Anyway, I’m going downstairs to get something to eat and then take care of things I’ve been putting off for weeks.

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