I’m sitting here on a Sunday morning.  It snowed last night.  Not a lot but it feels like a snowy Sunday morning.  E. Cold Spring Lane is a death trap when it snows or ices, by the way.  On the way home from the Donna’s gig I saw someone slide halfway down the hill almost into Falls Rd.

Then there was a 3 car accident on Cold Spring Lane.  Then I got to the ramp for I-83 S., the Jones Falls Expy, and instantly started sliding around.  The car was fishtailing the whole time.  I drove the rest of the way home like an old, nearsighted woman.  I’ve been driving my mother’s Camry since November because my faithful ol’, big red Pathfinder needs transmission work.  And now it’s got a flat and a dead battery.  I want to take care of that today because if I have to drive the hour and fifteen minute commute to Alexandria in any respectable amount of snow I want 4×4 power.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there or anywhere inbetween.  I just wanted to wrap some things up.  Usually when I’m driving to and from work I get lots of ideas for writing and what not but this time I actually remembered some of them so here goes.

1. Why do you have to have black award shows, black TV stations, black universities, black history month, etc.?

This is an old issue/question and every once in a while something will pop into my head.  The next time someone asks you why there has to be black award shows, give them a little quiz.  Ask them to name 5 of their favorite actors or actresses.  Then when they do, ask them to name 5 black actresses.  Make it easy for them.  It can be any black actress from the entire history of movies and television.

Black history month?  Ask them to name 3 black inventors or innovators.  Heck.  Tomorrow is the MLK state holiday.  Can people name 4 of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches or letters?  Many can’t and that’s sad because two of them are gimme’s.

It’s the whole culture within a culture issue.  I think a healthy culture needs to be aware of itself and its contributions to history, science, the arts and everything else.  And the larger culture should know and respect that, too.  Right now that’s not the case.

Of course, we Americans in general are pretty ignorant of just about everything except for entertainment trivia and minutia.

end of side 1

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