I watched a movie today.  I watched a number of movies today.  I watched them on my computer as they downloaded for $.99 a piece.  There’s a website, www.movielink.com that lets you rent movies online.  You actually download the entire movie so you have to have broadband and once you start to view your selection it’s available for 24 hours.  Then it deletes itself.  Pretty cool stuff.  But their selection isn’t that good yet.  Not like video stores.

Poor Livin’

On my way to work yesterday I stopped at the 7-11 on Franklin in Alexandria.  They’ve got Planters cashews and lots of low carb stuff.  Score.  But it’s a depressing experience.  Old Town Alexandria is a strange place.  It’s a mix of all kinds of associations and organizations (I didn’t even know that the Florists Assocation of America existed), upscale residential townhomes, quaint shops, restaurants and bars, waterside running trails and parks, senior citizen residences and public housing.

It’s the last part of that that’s depressing.  Amid all of the money there’s a pocket of poor black folk.  So what got me down yesterday morning was the fact that at 9:30am there was a middle age-looking black woman, with slightly more facial hair than is befitting for a woman, buying $60 worth of Lotto tickets.  Not only is that a sad use of money but it takes a quite a long time.  And there were weathered, dehydrated, aged-before-their-time-with-that-down-on-their-luck-mien black men buying huge bottles of malt liquor.

Professionals come in buying coffee and low carb or diet drinks and such; blue collar folk buying Lotto tickets and 40 oz. malt liquors.  I’m a firm believer that things don’t have to be the way they are, but we’re too good at making our own beds and digging our own graves.

What a world.


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  1. linkfelix2

    1) i’ll have to check out this movielink.com thing in a few months, hopefully when they have more movies.

    2) I’ve drank 40oz malt liquor bottles. drinking is also a college epidemic that not even light drinkers will readily admit. I even get a 40 now and then. Sad though, when people continue drinking like that when they get older, like the men you’re talking about.


  2. mcstrings

    When the 40 oz. becomes a way of life, you’ve got problems.

    I heard on a radio interview a while ago that most of the homicides or other violent crimes are comitted by guys who are drunk more so than guys who are high on some heavy drug.

    And when hardcore, extreme beer is marketed and branded towards urban communities – and 40 oz. at a time instead of 12 or 16 – it sure doesn’t help.

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