You are what you eat, Pt. 2

I’ve heard people say that they don’t really want to read this food and diet stuff that I write.  Aside from the epidemiological statistics I quoted I have personal reasons.

My grandfather died from a diabetes-induced stroke in December of 1984 and the subsequent complications. I was 14 and it broke my heart.  I would give anything to have him here today and there are times when I wish that he could have been around to see who I’ve become, for better or worse.  I would like to have had the chance to paint a picture for him or have him come see me make music or listen to my CD.

He left the house with his brother one morning to go pick fruit and get farm-made food in Pennsylvania. That was the last time I ever heard him speak. After the stroke, which he had during the drive home, he lost the ability to speak and was paralyzed on the right side of his body.

I remember that night because I was holding the family dog we had at the time at my grandmother’s. She usually barked up a storm and acted crazy whenever strangers came into the house. But when the paramedics came in she didn’t make a sound. She was quiet the whole time. I saw Grandaddy once after that night when I visited him in the hospital. I stood next to his bed and read from the Bible out loud. A few days later he had a heart attack and died during rehabilitation. It’s not uncommon in stroke victims.

Now my stepfather has diabetes and other complications. My family has lots of health issues including heart problems and cancer as well as diabetes. But it doesn’t really change the way the family eats or acts and I can see them teaching my nephews how to shorten their lifespans. So if the low carb craze and non-mainstream nutrition wisdom takes root with the general public – if people reject the crap that they’re inundated with and the fast and processed foods are scorned – I’m all for it.

All for it.

Of course, not everything is for every one. Not every diet or eating plan will fit everyone. But given my genetic profile I have an idea of what I should be doing. That reminds me.  I really should get a check-up.

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