Real News (BBC World News)

I have an endorsement to make.

I was complaining to my cousin about how horrible TV news is.  HORRIBLE!  Besides reporting crime and anything scary, threatening or freaky enough to make you want to build a bomb shelter and hunker down, subsisting on canned, baked beans for the next 30 years, it is thoroughly devoid of substance.  The news on the Fox channel (there are two Fox channels in Baltimore, by the way) is getting more like a right-wing tabloid TV journalism program every day but they’ve still got enough time on their hands to give previews, reviews, interviews, teasers, promos and slo-mos of American Idol every day.

I’ve recently developed an urge to know what’s going on in the world.  I went online via AOL and found Wolf Blitzer’s “CNN World News in 60 Seconds”.  Not a bad idea but it was 60 seconds of riots, violent strikes and disaster, as if that’s all that happens outside of the U.S.

Long story short(er)… my cousin told me to watch BBC World News on PBS. I actually feel informed after watching it.  The other night they talked about increasing questions regarding WMDs and America’s motives for the war on Iraq, how Finland turned around a trend of morbid obesity and heart disease in the past 30 years, Sudanese christians returning to the south of Sudan.  Libya, Germany, Japan, France, South America, etc.

Tonight, for instance, they had a segment about Israel’s big-ass wall.  Unlike the U.S., they interviewed an Israeli family and a Palestinian family.  The Israeli family’s 17-year old son was killed in a suicide bombing.  Very sad.  The Palestinian family had a son (I think he was in a wheelchair) that could no longer get to school without taking a very long and very expensive taxi ride every day.  Some days the father couldn’t afford to send him.  The wall is cutting them off from all of the schools, hospitals and work places — their means of livelihood.

It’s like … news and quality journalism.  But from aroooound the world.  It’s a shame you have to rely on another country to get it.

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  1. linkfelix2

    Free Speech Radio News is a nationally syndicated daily broadcast started by Pacifica and Network News (I think). I think they may be defunct now but nonetheless FSRN as we call is at WCBN airs daily on our station from 5:30pm-6:00pm.
    FSRN is done primarily by BBC reporters.

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