Happiness is…

I can tell you what happiness is.  Hapiness is cutting up a fresh, sweet pineapple and eating it until your tongue burns.  It has a lot of enzymes that are very effective at digesting meat.  I assume that’s why my tongue is happily stinging right now.  That’s good pineapple.  Happiness is gnawing and chewing on a mango seed until it’s mango-free.

Great Falls park on the Potomac is happy-making.  Perched on a jagged rock, overlooking the white water rapids.  Writing in sentence fragments.

Listening to music that has a high repeatability factor.  Making up words like “repeatability”.  Sentence fragments

Watching Spongebob Squarepants on a day off from work.  That’s happy.  And working from home.  Doing work while I’m watching Columbo episodes.  Oooo yeh.

Licking your lips and tasting pineapple.  Happiness is.  Ending your sentences on a linking verb.

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