Hump Day/Schools in Crisis

I’ve got a flat.  I didn’t realize it until I got on the road but it’s pretty darn flat.  And there’s also a slow leak in another tire.  And the battery terminal keeps coming loose because it’s not the right size.  That’s one of the reasons my life span has been shortened by apocalyptical static electric dicharge.  And of course, the car won’t start sometimes.

I’m tired.  I would love to go back to bed right now but that’s not in the cards.  It’s a beautiful day out, though.  My goodness.  It’s amazing.  It’s chilly, of course.  In this neck of the woods the sky is usually only this blue – California blue – on chilly, breezy days.  But I’ll take.


What’s in the news this morning.  Baltimore City schools.  I think it’s safe to say that they’re in crisis. 

1. They’re $75 million in debt and no one seems to know how they got there.

2.  There’s lead in their drinking and cooking water. 

3. Baltimore City’s population is 70% black.  70% of African American males in the city do NOT graduate from high school.

4. If you combined all of the public schools in Baltimore City -aaaaall of them – the size of the graduating class of the entire city last year was about 1,200. Wait.  That can’t be right.  I’ve got to check that number.

There have already been two rounds of layoffs and now they’ll probably start laying off teachers.  Class sizes are going to increase from 39 in some cases to … well, upward.  Many of the facilities don’t have toilet paper and such.  Some janitorial staff were among the first to go in earlier rounds of layoffs.

I think I hear a tow truck.


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  1. linkfelix2

    I really hope Kerry wins now that he is int he final democratic who will run against Bush. These tax cuts suck ass for schools. What’s this ‘No Child Left Behind’ bull anyway?!


  2. linkfelix2

    My mom will be a full elementary school teacher soon and she says it’s so unrealistic of a program to have EVERY child up to a certain reading level by a certain time. Certain children just need more attention and you can’t give special services to all children if you don’t PUT THE MONEY into the programs. Instead let’s buy some billion dollar stealth bombers and some bombs to go with them!


  3. mcstrings

    Leaving no child behind is a great concept but the Administration didn’t provide all of the money they promised.

    I really don’t understand how Mr. Bush can say that he’s got a 5-year plan to get rid of this tremendous debt. The money needed for the war in Iraq isn’t even in the budget! It’s going to be a supplementary request.

    America’s going to be in debt like me if we keep this up. The U.S. is going to have to move back in with its parents.

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