It’s definitely an election year.

Has it really been ten days since I wrote anything?  All my blog fans must be lost without my input here.  Yeh, he’s probably going through withdrawal as I type.

But here I am.  There’s so much going on that I don’t feel like writing about any of it.  Gay marriage, “The Passion of the Christ” (that was an intense experience, not entertainment), the bombing in Spain, the coup in Haiti, Germany’s social security system in crisis (should we be paying attention to that for future reference?), the 9/11 Comission trying to get the Bush Administration to give their “testimony”, the liberal talk station- with Al Franken, Janine Garofalo, Chuck D. et al, and all the other election year hoopla.

I’ll just say this.  Find some alternative sources to get your news from.  The mainstream news is just about worthless except for the weather and sports scores.  And maybe some car chases.  Most likely you’ll only walk away disoriented rather than informed.

And there are lots of books coming out this year that are probably worth reading.  Al Franken’s book alone has fired me up to get registered to vote.

Yeh, that’s it for now.  I think I’ll respond to some of Paul’s comments now.

Later, y’all.  Or … you.


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  1. mcstrings

    Thanks for the comments, Holly.

    Where else do you get your news from? I’m not thoroughly liberal, but there are good lefty editorials on They also have comic strips and an “Activism” section where you can easily contact your local, state and federal representatives. I want to do some of that after I master the art of procrastination.

  2. linkfelix2

    I listen to free speech radio news sometimes. BBC does it. They get around the world to cover various probs and atrocities and they don’t JUST focus on the middle east and the war stuff. They were talking about the Venezuelan stuff far before the mainstream news even mentioned it. You can hear it on at 5:30pm east coast time (2:30 pacific time) or just download it yourself from at any time during the day. Each weekday they make a 30 min. broadcast.

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