Information Overload

Let’s see if I can remember any one of the too many things I’ve been wanting to write about.  I can say this.  The more I learn, the more shady and despicable the Bush administration becomes.  Good grief.  Even though John Kerry didn’t mean to say it on mic he was right.  The Conservative Machinery (whatever that is) is unscrupulous.  And I’m glad he didn’t apologize.

I remember the instance when Pres. Bush was caught on tape in a similar snafu calling some reporter an asshole during the 2000 election cycle.  Does anyone else remember that besides me?

I’ve been listening to a lot of talk radio … still.  Sometimes I think that’s a mistake.  There’s too much anger on all those shows: left, right or in the middle.  Everybody’s angry.  And yes I realize that I tend to rant, too, when I can find someone who’s foolish enough to stand still long enough to listen.  Whatever the case, it does provoke thought.

I heard some Christian, right-wing show caller saying how she thought Mr. Bush and company should be doing something about the gas prices.  The host of the show (they tend to be Republican apologists and believe that the Right can do no wrong) vicuperated her and blamed our woes on environmentalists trying to keep the oil rigs out of the pristine Alaskan wilderness and other places.

But they didn’t say what I was longing for someone to say.  What this country should be doing and what the Pres. should be rallying for is to put our efforts and vision into renewable energy sources.  We have the technology to make it work but not the will.  Besides, we think we have it bad but we don’t. Not compared to how bad things can and may get.  It’s selfish and self-obsessed to think that it’s time to start draining dry the natural resources in the U.S.

We should be thinking long term.  Like, how will our descendants survive and excel.  They’re screwed if we keep living like we do.  Well, at least Al Gore is out there talking the environmental talk.  Maybe he’ll have some input with the DNR when it comes time for Kerry and Bush to debate.

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  1. linkfelix2

    Yeah I tend to tune in to that stuff for a while and then I tune out because it just pisses me off. We should be looking into renewable energy sources.


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