No, child left behind. – pt. 2

Yes, families are the fundamental institution of civilization.  But the social rites of passage happen outside the walls of the family home.  The values instilled in children are either buttressed or eroded outside of those walls.  At the very least they’re confirmed and/or challenged.

And then of course there’s the whole issue of single parenthood or small immediate familes, especially in our socio-economic circumstances where many people are separated from their extended families.  We’re losing and have lost our villages, our tight-knit communities, and we’re much worse off for it.

Education Funding

But moving on, I’ve also heard people criticize public school systems for wanting more money.  “How much money does it take to educate kids?”

By the way, the Baltimore City Public School system is in a shambles.  It’s a damn shame.  Over $50,000,000 in debt.  70% of black males not graduating.  Overall, only 55% of students graduate. That’s a criminal use, misuse, abuse of funds.  It’s incompetence like that that gives a voice to the critics of public schooling.  And there’s a lot to criticize, no doubt.

But I thought of a few ways that money helps.  First, it’s been demonstrated that smaller class sizes leads to overall performance enhancements.  More personalized instruction has better results.  The extreme would be, say, home schooling which is on the order of one teacher to less than 5 students.  Smaller class sizes implies more schools, classrooms, teachers.  A little money would help.  Bill and Melinda Gates can’t do it for the entire country.

Speaking of which, modern computers, facilities and equipment still costs money.  Schools in poorer districts lack new textbooks.  Baltimore and DC schools have lead in the water.  My younger sister is a teacher and her classroom doesn’t have air conditioning or a fan.  It gets well above 90 degrees  in her classroom.  She has to open the window and the door.  It doesn’t help much and occasionally bees are introduced into the educational system.  Kids don’t learn well when they’re stuck to their seats via the raw power of heat and humidity.  The classrooms in some of the schools in Baltimore County have bad leaks in the rooves.  Asbestos is not a teacher’s friend either.

End of side 2


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  1. linkfelix2

    Man I didn’t know it was that bad. Sometime definitely needs to be done. Something HUGE. None of this child left behind bullsh*t that doesn’t get any financial backing.. or at least no substantial financial support. How can President Monkey live with himself?


  2. mcstrings

    It’s that bad. I don’t know what the solution would be. I heard some people today claiming that the only solution on the horizon is school vouchers. The idea is intriguing but I have no idea how it would shake out. Would public schools be crippled and then be privatized or closed? Cutting to the chase, would it improve education for the masses and not just a few? Is there evidence to prove or refute its value? Looks like I’ve got some research to do.

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