From a teacher…

Paul D. was kind enough to pass along something a teacher friend of his told him.  Names and locations have been changed to protect the identity of … ok, not really.

From a teacher…

“As for the teaching thing, I teach grades 3-8 in a K-8 school in [the city]. Basically there is no money, and the building is really shitty and falling apart. Basic things like heat, lighting, water etc. are never quite working right. The administration is completely disorganized. Again basic things like having a calendar, effective communication, having meetings to discuss necessary school issues are just unheard of.

“Also, race is often a factor. It is difficult to gain credibility from the administration, or the parents, and sometimes even the students because I am white. It definitely can be a barrier. So, why do I put up with so much shit? I guess because I really like the students. This school has never had a real music program before and I think it is important that they do….”

“….The kids mostly seem to really liking music class and I am trying to teach enough sightreading / technique etc. to help them be able to continue in music when they leave the school.”


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  1. quroboros

    It's criminal what we're forcing our kids (& teachers) to suffer. This will only come back to bite us on the ass in the form of a generation of undereducated, illiterate people.. IE: all the dumb college students you see on Leno's Jaywalking segments! ¤Holly

  2. mcstrings

    My sister-teacher sometimes has to buy supplies for her classes. Akin to our armed forces having to buy their own body armor.

    What I don’t understand is how do things stay the way they are? My theory is that if the parents cause an uproar, then the teachers, then the administrators, then the press, then the politicians (and hopefully attention and investment) will follow. But if the children are disengaged it’s because the parents are, too.

    What a world. All my beautiful wickedness.

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