Wade in the Water

Remember how I mentioned that there’s lead in the water supply in Baltimore City Public Schools?  There’s also lead in DC’s water, by the way.  But back to Charm City, school officials knew there was lead in the water for a long time – on the order of a year+ – before anything was done. 

From http://www.lead-poisoning-resources.com/

Effects of lead poisoning in children can become permanent, depending on the age of lead exposure, amount of lead absorbed into the blood, and how long the lead exposure lasts. Effects of lead poisoning can cause:

Brain damage
Nervous system damage- can cause seizures, coma, and death
Damage to the teeth
Kidney function changes
Behavioral problems
Learning disorders
Delayed and/or slower growth
Hearing problems

Adults are affected by lead poisoning in different ways, sometimes leading to high blood pressure and damage to reproductive organs. Effects of lead poisoning in adults cause:

Reproductive problems
Digestive problems
Lack of coordination
Altered consciousness
Bizarre behavior
Loss of recently acquired skills
Pregnancy difficulties

Imagine a world where people regularly acted like a combination of Jim Carrey, Pauly Shore, Chris Tucker and Tiny Lister except not to entertain the masses, but because of something in the water.  Ooooh that’s gonna trouble my sleep.

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