During my commute to work I experience the “stream of consciousness”.  A 1.25 hour commute  lets you get into the zone.  I’ve driven across the country three times and it’s important to be able to find the zone when there’s no end in sight.  I have my blog thoughts in the car.  Like the following:

My older sister has three sons – 1, 4 and 8. I want to have kids but they make me realize that I’m not ready.  Mercy.  I was thinking about how I want to raise my kids if/when I have any.  Like they say – and they so much – kids don’t come with a manual.

But I’ve come up with two things that I consider to be key.  First, it will be crucial for me to make an effort to instill values, positive and constructive, and cultivate a belief system (Christianity is my choice – and not the overly-Westernized or GOP flavor) in my children.  And second, I think that every house should have books.  Lots of books.  Houses without bookshelves full of books are intellectually sere.  It’s like a fireplace without fuel.  To have books around is to have portals to other worlds to explore sitting right there at arm’s reach.

Instilling values and encouraging inner-examination and outer-exploration.  That’s my mission statement.  Of course, people are people and they make their own decisions and decide whether to accept or reject what they will.  And that’s life.  But kids should have a foundation, a home base, to start from and refer to as they grow and start making decisions for themselves.

These days we want to purge society of religion, ritual and myth because we want to do whatever the heck we want.  And we selfishly and lazily let kids run wild as if they’ll get it right by pure chance.  We send them to the island of the Lord of the Flies for our own convenience and then wonder what’s wrong with them when they show streaks of hedonistic barbarism.  Then we sexualize, exploit and violate them as we tell them to control their urges and only arm them with half-truths to protect themselves.  We devalue them for being overweight and turn around and sell them calorie bombs and cardiovascular poison.  And so on.

We can do better.  We’re wrong to exploit each other so wantonly.

Parents.  The anti-drug.  Uh … I know.  I watch too much TV


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  1. mcstrings

    Oh.  And swimming.  I want my kids to learn how to swim.  Add that to the list of things to attempt to inculcate.

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