Fit Day

I have an endorsement to make.  I was kind of down recently because I gained back some of the weight I lost in the Fall.  Those were good times, aside from the chronic unemployment and crushing debt with no ray of hope.  But man oh man, I was mountain biking or running every other day in the afternoons.  The weather was perfect and it was easier to eat better with that much time on one’s hands.

But exercise and food discipline require a lot of motivation and energy.  So for me it always comes and goes in cycles.  You know how it is.  You get into a rhythm and it lasts for months.  Then for whatever reason, you miss a day and it’s all over.  Not only do you have to build up the momentum from scratch, but your fitness level suffers severely and you lose your edge.

Anyway, I decided last week that I should keep a food journal to see what I’m actually eating (and keep track of allergies).  I did a search on the web and landed on FitDay.

I bought the PC version for $19.95 but they also have an online version.  It’s pretty slick.  You enter what you eat (there’s a database of a LOT of foods already in place so you just select items, customize them or add your own) and you get an instant breakdown of nutrition facts by nutrients or meal or RDA or DV.  I’m partial to the graphs.

So, for instance, after two days I noticed that I was eating very little fiber and wasn’t getting nearly enough B-12, calcium and magnesium.

But there’s also a Nutri-search where you can search for, say, foods high in fiber or low in fat or low in carbohydrates.  Or in my case, I could look for foods high in fiber per unit of calcium.

Check out the online version.  I’m a numbers and data guy so I get a kick out of these types of things.  And in a way it provides some accountability … to myself.

My goal is to lose 10lbs. by the end of June.  It’s been a week and the scale hasn’t budget yet, but it’s not wise to count on the scale.  It’ll drive you crazy.

Go figure.

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