Movie Madness

Okay.  Take two.  I started on an entry yesterday and then it got wiped out by an overzealous IM window link.  There’s not too, too much new going on here.  I’m looking for a place closer to work and hopefully I’ll take care of that soon.  This commute from Baltimore to Alexandria is wearing on me.  I’d like to buy something but I’m pretty sure that there’s not a chance I could afford it.

I saw “Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban” last night. It was pretty good.  I’ll have to see it again, though.  Whenever I read a book before seeing the movie I get thrown off.  Something about the pacing and my expectations.  What  I didn’t understand is that I actually went to see “The Day After Tomorrow” (this was at 10:25 PM) but it was sold out.  So I opted for HP3 at 10:30 PM and there was plenty of room in the theater.  Strange.

It was good to see a movie that’s not thoroughly disappointing.  I watched a few rentals over Memorial Day weekend.  The pickings are slim.


“Timeline”, for instance, a movie based on Michael Crichton’s novel about a group of people who travel back in time (via means of experimental quantum mechanics technology) to 14th century, medieval France.  It was a horrible movie.  The book was okay except that it was pretty much Jurassic Park with knights and  brutal medieval social order instead of ferocious and ridiculously intelligent dinosaurs and the food chain.  But Timeline, the movie, was trite.  The acting wasn’t all that good either.  The worst part, though, was that one of the main characters was a “hothead”.  So despite what intelligence and reason would dictate he was always ready to charge off or cause a ruckus despite the constant threat of death.  Oh wait.  The really worst part was the two romance sub-plots.  It’s amazing in movies how love is instant and based on –  well, nothing really.

It’s the kind of movie where you watch the protagonists run around fleeing, fighting and escaping only to get caught somewhere in the latter half of the movie.  The thing is that Crichton’s writing – his novels – are written for the box office.  They’re basically screenplays.  Like Dean Koontz he’s adept at coming up with a great premise, and then taking you into the story.  Also like Koontz I’m usually not crazy about the denouement.  But it’s an accomplishment to make a bad movie out of a book written for box office success.

Jeepers Creepers 2

I also watched “Jeepers Creepers 2”.  Every 23rd Spring a monster is unleashed, apparently in the middle of nowhere, to feast on people for 23 days.  I was surprised.  It was better than I expected.  A school bus full of jocks, a few cheerleaders and three adults are traveling down a rural road at night returning from a game.  The creeper disables the bus and quickly picks off the adults.  He traps the hormonally charged teens in the bus and then sizes them up.  His schtick is to scare the hell out of people and then taste/smell their fear to pick out who and which parts of them he’s going to eat.  So he picks them out in one scene, winking, drooling and perversely licking the bus windshield. 

Every adult the kids petition for help ends up being killed, minus one.  A father whose young son was taken the day before.  The monster then picks off the kids at will, snatching them and flying off into the night to have his way, consuming the parts he wants for himself and using other parts for more practical purposes.  Oh.  And of course he’s indestructable.

Now here’s the really creepy part.  Victor Salva, the writer and director, is a convicted child molester.  In the 80’s he made a horror movie with three boys as the stars.  He filmed himself molesting one of them and was caught and convicted.  A convicted predator making a movie about an indestructable super predator victimizing a school bus full of kids.  Um … yeh.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Literally.

I kind of wish I didn’t know that.

Well, it’s time for me to get out and about.  I did absolute nothing yesterday.  And I mean nothing.  So today I have to do more than nothing.  The hunt for full spectrum lighting begins, but that’s another entry for another time.

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