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Okay, I was going to NOT write about politics but then I turned on the news.  Channel 11 led with “Fahrenheit 911” and channel 13 led with attacks in Iraq.

This is some election year.  I can’t recall seeing anything like this before in my short memory of election years.  The war, then the Democratic primaries.  That was an interesting ride.  Everyone expected it to last late into the cycle but instead we ended up with a nominal candidate months in advance.  The 9-11 Hearings were an interesting twist.  For the life of me I still can’t figure out how the Bush adminstration managed to manipulate their way around and through that as deftly as they did.  Amazing.

More recently, Reagan’s death gave a boost to conservative causes and riled up emotions.  Strange but true, the pomp and circumstance actually resulted in Bush’s polling numbers – approval rating, I think – increasing by a few points.

A week and a half after that Clinton’s book came out and riled up more emotions.  The publicity he’s getting has all kinds of political overtone.  By the way, Bill Clinton is a brilliant man.  He’s flawed for sure and he may be a lot of the things that people accuse him of, but he has the kind of mind that a president should have.  Sharp, quick on his feet, highly engaged in current events and world politics and able to mix it up with just about anyone.

I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but President Bush does not demonstrate the mental presidential attributes that one would hope for.

By the way, if I can point out some hypocrisy here, the conservative supporters get irate when people put down Bush.  Understandable, I guess, especially when people are on the news calling the President an idiot.  When it was pointed out that Bush was AWOL at best and a deserter at worst … whoo boy.  People got heated.  But the Right couches the criticism in terms of patriotism.  I did not hear them complaining at all when the guests on their radio shows and such repeatedly called Clinton a murderer, a traitor and even a pedophile (regarding Ms. Lewinsky even though she was 21 years old at the time).

In four days, the U.S. will hand over control of Iraq to Iraqis.  In theory, anyway.  The reality will be far from it, though, and the violence and insurgencies will most likely intensify.  I tell you what.  I would not want to bea part of any Iraqi ruling council right now.  Those folks are marked for death.  But good luck to them.

And of course, Michael Moore’s movie just came out and is having a strong first weekend at the box office.  When will people learn?  If you tell the public that you don’t want them to see or hear something, they’re going to run out as fast as they can to see or hear it.  And they may come back with a friend just to spite you.

I wonder if it really will affect the election at all.  And will Ralph Nader have any effect?

Regardless, everything between now and November (and beyond) will be politicized.  My prediction is that, somehow, the low carb movement will become fodder.  Ha.  That would be great.  I wonder who would fall on which side of that debate.  Actually, the left would be anti-low carb because the Atkins Diet’s popularity has led to an increase in beef and other meat.  So the Vegetarian set and all….

I sincerely believe that the Fifth Column, the media and media empires, are deleteriously affecting politics and who knows what else.  From the early call in the 2000 election and the spinning of facts into political lies to the unhealthy concentration of mass communication power in the hands of an arrogant few.

The rush to imitate the Fox News Channel is just scary to me.  A news organization should not be a purveyor of State-sanctioned propaganda.  That should not be the way of things.  And it’s certainly not healthy for a democracy or democratic republic.  The media should provide a check on the power of government and even corporations.  When they become bedfellows, the public is kept ignorant and in fear.

Anyway, I’m going to sleep.  I should go to sleep.  In truth, I’ll probably putz around for another two hours doing whatever it is that I do when I should be going to sleep but feel to antsy to actually do it.

Good night.


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  1. linkfelix2

    Man I saw Fahrenheit 9/11. I was already pissed and now I’m already pissed, not just at the Bush administration, but also at the way our country is set up with its lack of unbias mass media and corrupt government that only has its eye on oil and war. As you know, I’ve been mass e-mailing people now and then. You wouldn’t believe the responses I got from two of my ‘friends.’ They were so adament about me not sending them political e-mail because they hated John Kerry so much that they took the time to either IM and e-mail me saying quote, “DON’T EVER SEND ME YOUR POLITICAL SHIT AGAIN.” One of them, who I know is a quiet Republican went even further to say “I WOULDN’T GIVE JOHN KERRY MONEY EVEN IF HE WAS THE LAST MAN ON EARTH.” What’s wrong with these people?! Why are they so dense? Why won’t they research the candidates? Why are there so many ignorant, apathetic, blindly patriotic idiots!!!!!!??? It pisses me off and I think has motivated me to start volunteering or working for the democratic party, even though in the past I have been unconcerned and dispassionate about politics. Now I am indignant and determined to ensure that this group of motherfu*kers do NOT get reelected.

  2. linkfelix2

    Oops. First sentence of my other comment should read, “I was already pissed and now I’m MORE pissed,” not “I was already pissed and now I’m already pissed.”

  3. mcstrings

    Hey Pablo,

    Well, like Rob said in a comment he left a few days ago, whenever you stand for something you're going to piss somebody off.  Truthfully, I can't see much to hate about Kerry.

    I suppose if you're very politically conservative, you could despise Kerry for coming out against the Vietnam War after he got back.  He made some very blunt and direct criticisms of the war effort to Congress in 1971(?).  Some people think that was very unpatriotic, gave comfort and aid to the enemy and so on.

    He seems a little too stiff to really rile people up one way or another.  And he hasn't said a whole lot up to this point.  He definitely hasn't gone after the President with any aggressive campaigning.  Not yet, anyway.  So, contempt I can see but not the animosity of your friends.

    I mean, Howard Dean is more hateable because he doesn't mince words and is bold an unapologetic.  The new Al Gore is hateable, too.  I don't hate them.  I'm just saying that they're in-your-face.  Clinton didn't fall like he was supposed to and he was despised very early on so people still hate his guts.

    But Kerry?

    Anyway, you're pretty outgoing and in-your-face with your politics so … expect a lot of blowback.  You're going to piss a lot of people off.  Good luck.

    More power to you.

  4. linkfelix2

    Yeah I figured I would and will piss some people off but despite my whining about the 2 people complaining to me about my mailings, I’ve encountered surprisingly little resistance from all the people I’ve e-mailed. Then again, it’s not that surprising considering I’m in a university environment with young college students who tend to be pretty liberal and open-minded. I recently talked with Cody… yes THEE Cody from high school online, and I was appalled (or aPAULed if you will), to hear his response of “#$%^ voting!” when I asked him who he was thinking of voting for or what he thought of the candidates. I mean come on… more than people being ignorant and blindly following one politician or another, 50% of our population doesn’t vote! That’s outrageous. It felt more outrageous to me to know that someone I know is among that 50%.

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