All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men…

Am I the only one who’s sick of all this partisan politics?

My goodness.  It’s crazy!  You can take a Pop Tart commercial and give it a political spin in this environment.  For goodness sake.  Enough!  And since when was every bit of news coverage an op-ed piece?  It’s all just a very cynical environment and process.  I’m sick of seeing people on talk shows and the news and already knowing what they’re going to say, what angle they’re coming from and how they’re spinning ev-er-y-thing.

I had a thought recently, though.  I was thinking about how things are so polarized.  How Bush supporters rally around him no matter what he does.  And how the other side views anything he does as Machivellian.  Everyone is bending reality to fit their own world views.  It’s bizarre.

Listening to Conservative Christian radio talk shows, I had this realization.  The party line has been that – especially during war time – you don’t question the Commander in Chief.  And since Pres. Bush is Christian he is their … uh, what’s the word.  He’s like their prophet.  Their Pope.  Their national paternal figure.  And for political reaons he’s portrayed as infallible (by way of being uncriticizable by the Right). 

All of a sudden I realized that they regard him as a monarch.  And many right-wing Christians believe that Bush is President for divine reasons or via divine intervention or a divine mandate.

Hmmmm.  A supreme leader appointed by the Almighty.  Isn’t that what the U.S. ultimately rebeled against?  How do you spell “rebeled”?  Eh, close enough.  It’s twisted and the height of irony that the hardcore, virulently Patriotic Americans are gravitating towards an oligarchic theocracy.  That would be UNconstitutional.

Thank God for checks and balances.

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