Return of the Prodigal

It has been a month to the day since I wrote a blog entry.  This is a promising portent.  I’m recovering the brain power and energy again to function and get back to my hobbies.

I’ve moved into the new apartment in Alexandria, VA.  It’s actually on the southern outskirts of Alexandria but who’s measuring, right.  The commute is much shorter and I’ve found myself waking up at reasonable times in the morning and wondering what to do with myself.  So now, about an hour of that time that I used to spend on the road from Baltimore is now spent in the fitness center here at the apt. complex on the treadmill and nautilus machine and/or juicing in my gadget-filled kitchen.

There’s no joy like that of a gadget-filled kitchen: RonCo Showtime Rotisserie, George Foreman Grill, Jack LaLanne Power Juicer and a Food Saver.  And they’re all great.  Just like online dating, infomercial products aren’t just outlets for disturbed individuals with no healthy idea of how to channel their time, energy and money anymore.  Not just for disturbed individuals, mind you.

Anyway, I’m back and I’ve got a lot of work and catching up to do.  Do I work on music?  Writing?  Cooking?  The new version of my website?  All of the above, eventually.  As soon as work lets up (damn this Project of the Living Dead) I’ll have even more headspace to deal with it all.  I’m even thinking of taking an oil painting class.  It’s been a long time and my color-mixing acumen is lacking.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.  Time for some diligence here.

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