Heliocentric Perennial Festivities

Hello, everyone.

It has been brought to my attention that I failed to do something
important.  I am 33 years old (holding up 33 fingers).  My
birthday is March 2nd (1972) and I have a practice of writing a blog
entry and even more importantly I write a birthday poem or song. 
I create something, is the point.

Well, I didn’t do it this year.  But the good news is that the
import of my birth is much larger than one day.  As in the
past I declare this National Gary Week.  Or even National
Gary Month.  Why the hell not.  That means I’ve got some
birthday requests to make so look out.  You may be hearing from
me.  Mwah ha ha haaaa!

I think the birthday blues set in because I generally don’t feel
like doing anything.  I have been working out, though, which is
good.  And now I have a workout partner who joins me on
Saturday mornings which is very motivating because Saturday morning has
not been the most active time frame for me in the past.

I did not reach my goal for those of you keeping track.  Or I
didn’t realize my possibility (for you Landmarkers) of being in a
relationship by my birthday.  I can’t say that I really put myself
out there, to tell you the truth.  Eh.  Stymied.  I’ve
been experiencing story collapse.  It happens to the best of us
every once in a while.  Our rackets never go away.  They’re
always there and will pop up when you start a-slackin’.  You know,
you’re doing fine and for some reason the past creeps up and tries to
convince you how relevant it is.  Oy vey.  But I’ve been
using that angst to pump up so at least it’s got some use.

I’ve picked the following Tavis Smiley inspirational card for today: 

Release the Stress

The precious energy you waste worrying about what has happened prevents you from believing, envisioning, and creating what can happen.  Release the stress and you’ll be blessed.

You know, I realized something the other day, though.  I don’t
have any single friends (I’m talking locally).  None. 
Wait.  Lemme think.  What abooooouuuut … no. 
None.  And they’re in the kind of relationships that are …
how do I say this … in a world of their own. Yeh, that’s about
right.  And that’s not a bad thing — I’m not puttin’ anybody down
— but it’s not a good thing for my own, selfish social
endeavors.  It does make things a little clearer for me, though.

It’s even more imperative to take action to build some sort of
social geometric configuration. Triangle, ellipse, dodecahedron,
whatever.  Oh wow.  I just realized what that means.  I
have to start over.

Speaking of taking action … on the home front my big sister took
the Landmark Forum.  I’m glad she did and I went to her Sunday
night invite-the-person-who-told-you-about-the-Forum session.  It
was inspiring.  Long but inspiring.  And a cousin of ours
went to the closing/guest night and signed up.  Good stuff.

What time is it?  Yes!  I’m going home.  I lost focus for work about 3 hours ago.  To the lab!

Stay tuned.  I’ve got some projects in the works and I’ll be posting them hereabouts somewhere.

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  1. linkfelix2

    You write well. Perhaps that isn’t much from someone who doesn’t write that well but when I remember to come back and read your blog entries, they are always informative, entertaining, and logical.

    I hope your tendency towards sarcasm along with the usual healthy dose of cynicism /  realism doesn't get lost when you start writing epic children novels.

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