Fantasy (It gets the best of me when I’m sailing)


Ah yes.  For everything turn turn turn there is a season turn turn
turn and a time for every purpose under heaven.  Having said that,
my boss “stepped down” as of this morning.  I hope that the next
time I depart from a job that I can “(be asked to) step down”, “tend my
resignation”, “choose to spend more time with my family”, etc. 
That will definitely be more ceremonious than being terminated, fired,
layed off, down-sized, right-sized, let go, handed a pink slip, canned,
or … well you get the point.

Too bad, though.  The end of an era here.  Now comes the chaos before the order.  What can you do, though?

Let’s see.  What else is going on.  Hmmmmm.  I haven’t
started my project yet.  Any of them.  Like my “The
Jeffersons:  The Musical”  project.  With Don Cheadle as
Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson,  Queen Latifah as Isabel
Sanford as Louise (aka Weezy), Beyonce as Marla Gibbs as Florence
Henderson, Halle Berry as Helen Willis, Randy Quaid as Tom Willis,
Ashanti as Jenny Willis, Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bentley, John
Rhys-Davies as Ralph the doorman, Kenan Thompson as Lionel Jefferson
#1, Mos Def as Lionel Jefferson #2.  With a cameo appearance by
Duane “The Rock” Johnson as Hugo.

I’m gonna make a mint.  The only question is, feature-length film, mini-series, or Broadway production?

Actually, one of the projects I want to do — aside from all the music
stuff — is to write a fantasy serial like in the old days.  A
story once a week or semi-weekly.  I was inspired by Philip
Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy.  Inspired in more ways
than one.  It’s brilliant in many ways but then something
happens  in the last book.  Well, not in the story.  I
mean, it seemed like when the author was writing it … it just doesn’t
fit.  But that’s not the point.  The point is there are all
of these stories out there — epics and series and so on — that are
derivative of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, etc.

I don’t know why a lot of this great stuff happens to come from England
but it does.  Well, when I read the Pullman books I was completely
drawn in and yet alienated at the same time.  Beings of all
shapes, sizes, from other worlds, other realities and no mention of
anyone who could be me. 
I’ve talked about this before.  Hollywood, American media are
similar in this regard.  I want to read a story that I can relate
to and that my three
nephews can relate to.  Something they can see themselves
reflected in.  

If movies and stories shape our views of reality in the least then it’s
blatantly apparent that the only way to go on a fantastical adventure
— stumbling on another world, crossing over into alternate universes,
befriending talking animals, wizards, dragons, wolves, polar bears,
witches, elves, dwarves, angels, giant talking trees, eagles, flying
animals of all varieties, etc. is to … well, will my nephews ever see
kids that look like themselves having these adventures?  That come from where they come from?

Those brilliant minds can dream up epic adventures and fantastic,
magical other-worlds, but they can’t imagine how brown or black people
can be a significant, multi-faceted part of those adventures and
worlds.  Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” series is brilliant and
mesmerizing but everything good and wholesome is represented by
whiteness (the elves approaching god-hood or super-raceness with their
extra-fairness and immortality) and the noble men of the west defend
their lands from dark, dusky, swarthy raiders from the south and
east.  Hmmmm.  What’s to the south and east of Europe?

You never see little black kids riding killer whales, being super
geniuses or finding a watch that alters the flow of time. 
According to the mass media, the best a black kid will do is to find
magic sneakers so they can play basketball.  Basketball?! 
With all the wonders in the universe and all that exists to be imagined
or created … basketball???  Not even basketball on one of
Jupiter’s atmosphere-free moons with 8 ft. tall, tentacled ballers
wearing Airless Jordans.  Just … basketball.  While
European-American kids are saving the planet or the universe or
civilization or the entire fabric of timespace and reality, we black
folk are apparently satisfied with rims and playin’ hoops.  Things
that make you go, “Hmmmmm.”.

So I’m going to write some stories for my nephews (and myself) with
characters based around them and their personalities and
character.  I’m sure it will be entirely derivative.  It’s
not really meant to be original or groundbreaking but entertaining and
encompassing a little more flavah, for goodness sake.

That’s what I want to do.  I haven’t written a single word yet,
though.  Been thinking a lot.  Taking notes.  Maybe I
can get some help from a few people.  Yeh.  That’s the
ticket.  We’ll see how it goes.  I usually get writers block
after the first few pages.

And, uh.  I completely went off-topic there.  Anyway, I had a
much needed social boost this weekend, as a friend was in the
area.  It was inspiring to actually have a semblance of a social
life for a few days.

Okay. Back to it.  When I remember what I meant to write about … maybe I’ll fire up the blog machine again.


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  1. linkfelix2

    Currently listening to: My own DJ show from last summer on CBN.

    I think writing, illustrating, and publishing an epic, much-needed series like this would help out black kids and other non-white youth.

    Although it’s completely unrelated, your blog entry reminded me of an episode of Family Guy in which Peter mentions something about his cousin who was in blaxploitation movies, and then the scene cuts to the blaxploitation clip that is hilarious with a black version of Peter squealing the tires of some 1970s Detroit automobile and then shooting randomly at some ‘bad guys.’ Of course, in this clip the black Peter wears 70s disco attire.

  2. mcstrings

    Hey hey, Paul.  Thanks for your faithful commenting.  Much appreciated.

    I'm a very amateurish writer but it would be great for something like this (I wish someone like Walter Mosley would do it like he did with Blue Light but geared for kids) to be out there in the world.  

    Not just for black and brown kids but everybody.  Something that's entertaining, engrossing and that allows people to see the world through others' eyes.  If I can pull this off and stick with it, everyone will be able to enjoy it.

    Well, everyone who likes fantasy stuff and doesn’t mind my ripping off books, movies, comic books, TV shows, etc. that I like.

  3. linkfelix2


    I did a little research on those Landmark Forums. Let me know if you there’s anything you want to share about your experience there, assuming you went to one of those forums. They sound good but I don’t think I would jump to going because I’ve had very similar communication training through working with my boss’s class, her husband’s work, and from other sources. Still, tempting and interesting. I’m generally suspicious of programs such as Landmark, especially in terms of their effectiveness. Sounds like it is a good program but many out there are just these weekend workshops aimed at getting your money.

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