Hmmm.  I can’t upload a file here so I’ll have to put this somewhere.  Okay.  Here’s a link to my O-World page:


The plan is to write a chapter a week or something to that effect.  I bought some novel writing software.  It’s not bad for the price.  But it’s written in Java (blech) which means it’s a little clumsy at times.  Better than paying between $150 and $250 for something, though.  Anyway, it helps you keep track of events, characters, ideas, etc.  And it can even give you a kick in the pants by generating ideas and characters if you get stuck.

Hopefully, it will get easier as I go along.  Ideas, suggestions, and requests are welcome.


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  1. linkfelix2

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    Don’t give up on this idea. I really think it could be big, regardless of your choice of media: internet cartoon strip, illustrated book, or novel. I assume you’ve chosen the novel format since you said you bought novel writing software. Perhaps once you have it written you could illustrate it for younger kids, or get someone to illustrate it. Or make the novel into a film script. Good luck.

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