O-World: Chapters 1-5

O-World (Ch. 1-5)


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  1. linkfelix2

    Well I have to say that after Chapter 1, I want to keep reading. I stopped because I had to but the mixture of mystery, violence, imagery, and drama has sparked my interest in this story. I will probably comment more after I read the first 5 chapters.

    P.S. How did you make the moth image? By hand or in photoshop or with another computer graphical editor?

  2. mcstrings

    Yeh, keep reading.  I'm learning as I go, y'know.  Things will be a little shaky and iffy since it's coming along as I write (as opposed to being edited and reviewed and rewritten and reordered).  But it's fun to do.  In chapter 6 the adventure will be begin in semi-earnest.

    The moth.  I used Photoshop, my tool of choice.  I did a lot of complicated stuff and then realized that I could do it very simply.

    1. Got picture of moth
    2. Made the shapes.
    3. Sampled a picture of a peacock’s blue neck (for the glossy texture) and made a layer (one for each symbol).
    3.5 Used one of the filters to add a grain to the peacock layers.
    4. Used the shapes as a mask on their respective peacock layers.
    5. Used the transform tool to put the shapes in perspective.
    6. Used the liquify tool to make the shapes conform to the contours of the moth’s wings.
    6.5 Set the symbol layers blend mode to … uh … something.  Probably 'difference' or 'exclusion'.
    7. Added an adjustment layer and changed the hue (or is it the color balance) to get that night-bluish hue.

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