That thing that I can’t remember.

I had a realization today.  Or yesterday.  Now I can’t remember what it is, though.  It was a good one, too.

Now it’s kind of there in my brain somewhere like when you wake up from a dream.

It wasn’t about conservative religious activists being sexual
orientation segregationists.   That wasn’t it.  And how
they’re trying to exclude homosexuals from the military with
essentially the same arguments “they” used against blacks, Japanese,
and so on joining the military.  And it’s based on a smug sense of
superiority.  Back in the not-so-good-‘ol days it was racial
superiority.  Now it’s a sense of moral superiority. I find it
strange that racial superiority was justified with the Bible, too.

It’s too bad that the Christian conservatives who have co-opted the
term “evangelical” can’t seem to relate to the way Jesus actually
lived.  He was never fearful of people he didn’t agree with. 
He didn’t prophesy that all of Jerusalem would crumble to the ground in
decay because of “those people”.  He hung out with a lot of “those
people” and showed them what grace is.

The times when he did get angry — righteous indignation is the term
modern-day Christian activists like to use when they get upset about
something — he went after the money changers and charlatans that were
defiling the temples with their greed.  He spoke about the sin and
destructive power of greed far, far more than about sexual immorality.

But that’s not what my realization was about this morning. 
Shoot.  I can’t remember.  And I’m hungry.  I’m-a go eat.

Okay.  I’m back.  Now I remember what it is.  I’m never
watching a Todd Solondz movie again.  Not unless I have someone to
complain with during and afterwards.  I watched “Happiness” the
other night.  I’m not saying it was a bad movie, but it was just
wrong.  Wrong in so many ways.  Why someone would see fit to
put the things on screen that he puts on screen, I’ll never know. 
What is it with these film makers making movies where none of the
characters are appealing or likeable.  It’s like Solondz took all
of the bile, disillusionment, perversity (if that’s a word), more
perversity, ejaculations, child rape, and every deplorable subject he
could come up with that could taint the pursuits of the average
American rat-racer’s life and put it on screen.

I’ve seen some dark movies recently but man.  That one just took
the cake.  It was even more cynical and stomach-knotting than
“Irreversible”.  It just hit different “disgust” and
suicide-as-an-option tastebuds.  Strangely enough, it’s
categorized as a dark comedy.

So I was thinking this morning while I was on the treadmill about what
drives artists (of all types). What profound torment and inner
soul-searching makes these people express themselves for the world to
see and in the ways that they do?  Pretty deep, huh.  But the
answer is, of course, chicks.

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  1. linkfelix2

    All i gotta say is that to men, impressing women, especially attractive ones, is highly motivational. Maybe I should switch my priorities so that I work on web design or music SOLELY to impress women. Then I could be like my old roommate who is spoiled and drives a Mercedes. That’s how he tries to impress women. Pure wealth won’t do it though. Women seem to really fall for guys who create something or are genius or famous etc. (i.e. make crazy artsy movies).

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