O-World: Chapter 6

O-World (Ch. 6)

Writing is not easy.  Fun but not easy.  It’s hard to keep
the big picture in focus when you’re thinking about details and
connecting the dots.  Then again, this is why people plan this
stuff out and take years to write their books.

Speaking of which, hurry up Rowling.  HP 6 hasn’t even been released yet and I’m already impatient for number 7.


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  1. linkfelix2

    You are impatient for HP7 whereas I have not read any HP. Instead, I am eagerly awaiting OW (O World) chapter 7. It’s the only fiction I’ve read recently. Nice change from trying to find information on dreamweaver template properties or whatever other technical or research articles I’m trying to get through!

    Keep it up even if it’s not easy. You’re entertaining at least one fellow.


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