Start spreading the news…

It’s up to you.  New York, New  York.

Yeh, I went up to New York this past weekend.  What a
whirlwind.  I went to hang out with James and his folks and see
his senior recital.  The recital was great.  They made some
good music.

It’s strange how something that was once such a big part of your
life can be gone.  I used to play with James every week and often
multiple times a week in California.  We’d jam on bass and
drums, played at the beach once until we got kicked out because they
were closing.  Gigged a lot, too.  Wow.  Saw a lot of
shows, too.  And now he’s in NYC doing his thing.  A
few  years ago we we’d play sessions all the time and now …
Sunday was the first time I’ve heard him play since 2001 some time.

So it was good stuff.  Hung out with his parents and their
friend on Saturday night.  Hung out at the Harvard Club for a
while.  Ate at a great (but expensive) Greek restaurant on 7th
near 53rd.  Myolos, I think it was called.  Moyolos?  I
don’t remember.  I’ll have to look it up.  Saw a little bit
of Brooklyn — Flatbush and Park Slope.  It’s Molyvos, my cousin
has informed me.

But I have to say, I don’t understand how people live there.  I
can understand why people would want to live there but … I don’t see
how they do it. It’s just  too much for me.  Well, first of
all, I hate taking the bus.  Don’t get me started on that.

But it’s too much for me.  It’s kind of old, dirty and run
down.  Such a juxtaposition.  And you have to be on guard
constantly.  You never know what’s going to happen next. 
Especially on the subway.

The main thing for me, though, is that it’s hard to find a place to
kick back and relax.  It’s a high octane experience.  Fuh

Anyway, I could share with you the details of the Baltimore Travel
Plaza restroom but I think I’d rather block it out of my mind rather
than dredge up the experience again.

I’m still recuperating.  So tired.  I’m gonna hit the sack.

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